Sunday, 11 February 2018

How to rank youtube video in 2 days for competitive keywords (method)

Sometimes when i search on youtube for some high competitive keyword such as "Make money online" and such these kind of keywords i found some videos that has a big number of views and the video age is 8 to 12 month or more and that is normal.
But some people rank their videos for high competitive keyword and they got their videos on the first search results of youtube and the upload time is only 5 to 7 hours or less! I mean only 5 to 7 hours ago for these videos!

 Can really someone rank a video for a high competitive keyword and gets on the first page in less than 5 or 7 hours after publishing?

Yes. With one sneaky method i know you can rank your video very fast even for competitive keywords. But in high competitive niches your video will stay on the first page for 1-2 days and will drop to 2-3th page. In medium and eesy niches your video will stay on the 1 page for months or even years. So here is step by step guide:

  1. First ofcourse you have to create your video it's obvious
  2. Now go to youtube and upload your video. But there is most important step, don't choose public when upload, choose unlisted instead: 
  3. Add your keyword in title and in the first line of description, add tags with your keyword. write unique description, minimum 300 characters. Now you have your video published in unlisted mode.
  4. It's time to pump up high retention views, likes and comments. Where to get high retention views? I have tested many sellers (smm panels) but 90% of them provide crappy retention not longer than 1 minute. Only one service provides good retention: YTbot. When i submited 3:40s minute video i got 3:04s average watch time. This is enough retention to rank your video. To look naturally for youtube algorithm you need likes and comments too. Likes and views are provided by YTbot (1000 high retention views cost is $1,7 like cost is $0,01).
    For comments i use Seoclerks. You can find sellers that sell 35 custom comments for $1. You write your comments and send to them and they will comment your video using them. Try to include your keywords in comments too. When you buy views follow one rule, if you want your video to stay on the first page for longer than 2 days: if most videos from first page have for example 10k views you have to buy 3 times more views - so you need 30k views. 
  5. Keep your video unlisted for 36-48 hours, pump up views, likes, comments and after this time set your video to public. It will hit first page in 2-8 hours depends on niche.
That's all, method is very simple and can bring you a lot of traffic and money.

Friday, 30 December 2016

There is SEO method that works

I thought SEO is dead in 2016. But i was wrong. I tried many methods to rank my blog that didn't work. These methods were time consuming. I have learned one thing - spamming low quality backlinks doesn't work any more. Only manual work can work. Search engine optimization is very hard nowadays. After all these google's algorithm updates you can't rank a website in a week. So i started searching for SEO services/methods that works. It's better to outsource the hard work. I tried couple of gigs from fiverr without much success. Then i came across seoclerks gig that look very promising. Over 1000 orders and not even one single negative feedback. So i gave it a try. I bought this service and sent my website's url and keywords i want to rank for. It was 1 year old wordpress blog from health niche. I was in 50-60 spot on some keywords but i had zero organic traffic from google. After 1 week i noticed first movements in serps on main keywords. I started receiving first clicks.

After another 2 weeks i was shocked, my website went from 55 and 59 to 2nd and 3rd spot in google for 2 main keywords! I started receiving targeted visitors. First conversions and commisions came very fast. Just take a look on my stats:

From 0 visitors to over 200uv/day in one month, after 4 months i have reached near 500 unique visitors/day and 1st spot in serps. So if you want to rank in google this is the perfect solution, don't waste your time trying SEO, leave the hard work to seo expert. If you don't believe this service works, just read all the positive feedback under this gig.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Faster website = higher ranking in serps

Why your page speed is so important?

Google announced that page speed would impact your website ranking. It actually refers to the time a visitor have to wait until your page is completely loaded. On average, a page load for e-commerce website takes 7 seconds meanwhile the ideal load time is around 2 seconds or less.

As a matter of facts, it has an impact on your audience user experience. A bad user experience can cost you a loss of revenue if your target have to wait too long to get what they are looking for. They will just close your website. And above all, a slow page load is penalized by the search engines and has an impact on your ranking, both on mobile and desktop devices. Google says:

    “A search result for a resource having a short load time relative to resources having longer load times can be promoted in a presentation order, and search results for the resources having longer load times can be demoted.”

So, to speed up wordpress page you need fast caching plugin.

What’s Caching and How Does it Help Your WordPress Site?

Caching speeds up your website. In addition, it reduces the amount of bandwidth used, decreasing your server load and potentially minimizing the amount of money you would have to spend for hosting.

How does this work?

A cache is technically a temporary storage area for webpages. For example, if a file request is made for your website’s homepage, it takes a moment to load all of the images, written content, widgets and files.

Without a Caching Plugin:

If someone pulls up your homepage, no previous version of that homepage has been stored in the cache, therefore the server must deliver a completely fresh rendition of the webpage. This means that each item, from images to widgets, must go through the loading process.
With a Caching Plugin:

Since a caching plugin stores several previous versions of the homepage, it can deliver one of those versions to a user, instead of loading up an original page. This cached version of the homepage already has the files loaded, so it pops up for the user much faster, and it prevents further requests going through the server.

And here comes Comet Cache plugin, the simpliest and fastest caching plugin for wordpress websites. This is very good option to speed up your WP site. This plugin is getting updated regularly and constantly improving, the plugin focuses on simplicity and the settings are easy to understand. Comet Cache takes a real-time snapshot of every Page, Post, Category, Link, etc to make sure that your website loads quickly. Once you activate the plugin, you will get the option in the WordPress admin to manage the further settings. You can install free lite version, but there is also pro version, highly recommended because of many more features like:

- Automatic & Intelligent Cache Clearing
- Logged-In User Caching
- Leverage Browser Caching: Avoid multiple roundtrips between the browser and server by leveraging browser caching with Apache​
- Import/Export Config. Options: Import or export your Comet Cache configuration from one site to another. Huge time saver!
- HTML Compression: Auto-compress raw HTML code by removing extra chars & white space for smaller overall file size.
- Built-In Automatic Pro Updater
- Cache Statistics and Charts: Analyze statistics about the page cache, HTML Compressor cache, PHP OPCache, and server health.
- Dynamic Cache Version Salt: The ability to generate multiple versions of the cache based on variables that you introduce.
- Enforce Canonical URLs: Force Apache to match your WordPress® Permalink configuration even when caching is enabled.

So make you website ultra fast, rank higher and get more traffic, install Comet Cache.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Unlimited content for your website

WORDAI is first multi-languages article spinner that actually understands that words have different meanings, for you as customer that means that you will be able to create human readable articles with single click of your mouse.

With WordAI you can easily create and spin articles in these languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian which makes WordAI one of the best article spinners available (according to SEO and marketing forums it is the best article spinner out there.)

WordAi Automatically Rewrites Entire Sentences and Paragraphs

Unlike other spinners, WordAi fully understands what each word content means. It doesn’t view sentences as just a list of words, it views them as real things that interact with each other. This human like understanding allows WordAI to automatically rewrite entire sentences from scratch. This high level of rewriting ensures that Google and Copyscape can’t detect your content while still remaining human readable!

Original Sentence: Nobody has been arrested by the police officers, but the suspect is being interrogated by them.

Automatic Rewrite: Law enforcement are interrogating the defendant, although they have not detained anybody.

  •    WordAi not only understands what each word means, but also how each word interacts with each other
  •    It looks for possible ways to rewrite your article based on what the article truly means
  •    WordAi will often completely rewrite sentences so they share nothing in common with the original sentence
  •    This means your article is unique and can’t be detected by Google as spun content!
WordAI Features:
  •    WordAI is the first foreign language article spinner.
  •    Create human readable content with single click.
  •    Money back guarantee for your WordAI investment.
  •    WordAI offers 3 days trial membership.
  •    You can cancel your subscription anytime you want.
  •    You can try WordAI for just $49.95 per month.
  •    Professional support by Alex (creator of WordAI article spinner).
  •    Also option to purchase one year licence and get discount.
  •    WordAI is accessible just with your browser, no need to download anything.
WordAi Review & Pricing Plans

There are two pricing plans that you can sign up for – standard plan and turing plan. Let’s be honest, turing plan will allow you to “fire your writers”, because you will able to create extremely readable articles that you can also sell. Turing plan costs 50 dollars per month and standard plan costs 20 dollars per month, but in standard plan you won't be able to create so extremely readable articles.

Make money with WordAI

You can also make money using Wordai - selling content on SEOclerks for example. Just list your gig offering unique articles and you can earn some extra cash! Just search on seoclerks for 2 x 250 words article - it cost around $5-$15. This tool can pay itself fast.

How to make your content go viral - my method

How to make your website go viral?

It's not free method but very effective (and very cheap). If you are sharing something interesting on your page it can go viral. But how to start the snowball rolling? This is main problem - initial traffic (boost) for your blog or post. And there comes Social Bookmarking! 

But manual submitting can really be a time-consuming process with you being required to create an account in each site before submitting your page to them by yourself. It's better to outsource this task. What if you could submit your website to over 300 biggest social bookmarking websites for less than $5? If your content is interesting your website will go viral easily. Submitting to Social Bookmarking Sites like Digg, Stumbleupon puts your blog/article out there in front of millions of people, increasing your visibility ten notches and getting you more branding. As more and more people read your bookmarked blog/post and vote for it, the more popular it becomes & the traffic to your site increases. Social bookmarking can also bring more additional backlinks to your page. Each of these popular Social Bookmarking sites see tremendous volumes of traffic on a daily basis, if your blog/website has good content on it, chances are that several of these users will link to your content, thus getting you relevant links which will ultimately lead to an increase in your rankings in the google. You can find many social bookmarking services on Seoclerks, for example:

Here are my traffic stats after purchasing one of seoclerks social bookmarking gig: